Obsessed by music culture, the B-Sides’ world centres on a dive bar in a run-down area of Los Angeles. It’s filled with misfits and mavericks living their weirdest life in the underbelly of the sunshine city.

Collection Characters


6,000 B-Siders drawing from music and street culture. Each character can be submitted for use in the content we produce across comics, podcasts and animations as we bring Sidetown to life.


The community can contribute scripts, illustrations and story concepts as we build together. Your NFTs will be the stars of our story.

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How B-Sides auditions work

When we’re creating new content we’ll put out a casting call with actor requirements. It might be a character part, a background extra or a feature role in a comic strip.

You can then link your wallet and submit your B-Sides for a casting call.

Just before our content is released we’ll let you know if your character is going to be used. If you’re successful we’ll pay you for their appearance!

Our Animation Partner

Based in London’s Soho, Blind Pig are one of the UK’s leading animation studios. The award-winning collective of creators have produced work for Disney, Marvel, Netflix, BBC, Adidas, Pepsi and EA among others.

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The B•Sides Story

The B-Sides live in the forgotten area of LA called Sidetown. It’s a long way from the glamour of Sunset Strip. Bouncing between the skate shop, the vinyl exchange and the taco truck, they fill their days trying to make the perfect tracks and make sense of the weirdness that infects their borough. Just watch out for the riff-rats.

The B-Sides Team


Hayley is pop culture and music obsessive. Responsible for bringing unique characters and wild traits in the collection.


Established comic-book artist David has been bringing B-Sides NFTs to life on the digital page and in animated form.


With a head full of skate, surf and grunge, Dickie birthed the core feel of the B-Sides collection. He’s a professional designer and abstract fine artist.


Branding expert James is a digital designer working for some of the world’s biggest companies. But given the chance he’d always rather be paddleboarding.

Conor McNicholas

Previously Editor of NME and TopGear mags and CEO of agency in WPP. Now a B-Side.


Founder. Entrepreneur that makes shit happen. Obsessed with contemporary art and music.

Nick Butterworth

Previously Head of Finance at the O2 London and Brighton & Hove Albion. Also strategy at The Weirdos.

Ajay Goel

Previously trained at EY, recently Business Modelling Analyst at Condé Nast.